What Homeschooling Curriculum Does the Duggars Use? Find Out Here!

The Duggar family, famously known for their reality TV series “19 Kids and Counting,” has been quite vocal about their homeschooling practices. In response to the frequently asked question, “what homeschooling curriculum does the Duggars use?”, the family has revealed that they favor a faith-based program called “Advanced Training Institute (ATI) Curriculum” produced by the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP).

The ATI Curriculum is a Christian-based homeschool approach emphasizing character building, religious studies, and academic learning. The program is designed to teach children to become productive members of society by empowering them to recognize their purpose and calling in life. The Duggars have stated that they find the ATI Curriculum an excellent fit for their large family. It enables them to tailor their children’s education and allows them to learn at their own pace and according to their interests.

In addition to the ATI Curriculum, the Duggars have incorporated other homeschooling resources and materials into their children’s education. These include online courses, textbooks, and various educational tools and programs. However, the family continues to affirm their commitment to providing their children with a Christ-centered education that instills strong values and principles.

The Duggars: A Brief Introduction to Their Homeschooling Method

The Duggars are a well-known family in the homeschooling community. They are known for their large family and reality TV show, showcasing their unique lifestyle. Many people wonder what homeschooling curriculum the Duggars use to educate their large brood. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the Duggars’ homeschooling method.

The Duggars use a homegrown curriculum that they have developed over the years. They have stated that they use a combination of different materials to teach their children, including textbooks, workbooks, and other resources. The curriculum is based on a mix of Christian and secular materials and focuses heavily on character development, practical skills, and real-life experience.

One of the unique aspects of the Duggar homeschooling method is using a buddy system. This system pairs older children with younger ones, allowing them to learn from each other. The older child serves as a mentor and a helper, while the younger child receives personalized attention and guidance.

The Duggars also place a strong emphasis on hands-on learning. They take advantage of everyday opportunities to teach their children practical skills, such as cooking, gardening, and woodworking. They also involve their children in various home renovation projects, allowing them to learn about architecture, engineering, and construction.

Overall, the Duggars’ homeschooling method is focused on practical skills, character development, and hands-on experience. They use a mix of Christian and secular materials to educate their children and strongly emphasize mentoring and personal attention. Although their curriculum is unavailable, it is a model for other homeschooling families who want to create a custom educational plan for their children.

What Homeschooling Curriculum Does The Duggars Use

As avid homeschoolers, the Duggar family has gained plenty of attention for their traditional and conservative approach to education. Although the Duggars have never made their choice of homeschool curriculum public, several sources have given some insight into what they use.

According to various reports, the Duggars use the ATI (Advanced Training Institute) homeschool curriculum, which is a Biblically-based program that emphasizes “character development” and “Godly wisdom” in addition to academic subjects. ATI tailors its curriculum by grade level, meaning that each Duggar child would receive coursework tailored to their level. 

The ATI curriculum includes Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Bible subjects. It is intended to provide academic knowledge, instill moral values, and teach practical life skills. The program’s approach is based on the belief that children learn best in a supportive family environment, with parents taking an active role in the education process.

It’s worth noting that the ATI program has generated controversy. Critics have accused the program of being overly authoritarian, teaching outdated gender roles, and being insufficiently rigorous academically. In addition, some former students have spoken out about experiencing emotional and psychological abuse within the program.

Despite these criticisms, ATI remains a popular choice among Christian homeschoolers, with families like the Duggars championing the program’s focus on faith-based education. Whether or not the program is a good fit for every family is up for debate, but it’s clear that the Duggars have found success with the ATI curriculum.

As many know, the Duggar family has been prominent in the homeschooling community for decades. But, with 19 children and counting, they’ve had to develop a curriculum that works for their lifestyle and beliefs. So, what homeschooling curriculum does the Duggars use?

The Duggars have mostly used the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) homeschooling program, which is a Bible-based, conservative Christian curriculum. The curriculum was created by Bill Gothard, an American Christian minister who espoused conservative teachings and served as the president of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which operates ATI. The Duggars have been very vocal about supporting ATI and its teachings.

According to the Duggars, they use ATI because it strongly emphasizes character development and biblical principles, which aligns with their values as a family. In addition, one of the unique aspects of the program is that it focuses heavily on memorization. The Duggars have stated in interviews that they spend significant time memorizing scripture, poetry, historical documents, and other important literature.

Another reason the Duggars have chosen ATI is because it is designed to be a comprehensive program that offers education in various subjects. ATI provides a wide range of resources, such as textbooks, workbooks, and DVDs for students of all ages. The curriculum covers everything from language arts, math, science, and social studies to music, art, and physical education.

Overall, the Duggars have found that ATI has been a good fit for their family’s homeschooling needs. It aligns with their values, provides a comprehensive education, and strongly emphasizes character development and biblical principles.

After thorough research, it’s clear that the Duggar family has been using a homeschooling curriculum known as “A Beka Book.” Many homeschooling families and private Christian schools across the United States widely use the curriculum. It’s known for emphasizing Christian values and incorporating biblical teachings into its courses.

A Beka Book provides a comprehensive curriculum for all grades, from K4 through 12. The curriculum covers core subjects such as math, science, English, history, and geography, as well as electives such as music and art. The program also includes tests and quizzes to assess students’ knowledge and progress.

The Duggars have openly shared their devotion to their Christian faith and belief in homeschooling to instill their values in their children. Therefore, a Beka Book’s emphasis on Christian teachings aligns with the Duggars’ values, making it a natural choice for their homeschool curriculum.

In conclusion, the Duggars have been using A Beka Book for their homeschooling curriculum, emphasizing Christian values and covering a wide range of subjects. Homeschooling families looking for a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing faith may find A Beka Book a suitable choice.